Crossbow Shooting deluxe

Изтегляния 3k - 5k
Версия 2.8 Преди 4 години

Описание на Crossbow Shooting deluxe

Crossbow Shooting is a simulator of shooting a crossbow at a target.

Shooting is conducted at distances from 10 to 100 meters. At each distance is given 10 arrows. The goal - to pass all levels (distance) and score maximum points.

Rules of the game:

1. To open following distance on the current need to score at least 90 points.

2. Crossbow sighted at a distance of 10 m. This means that at 10 meters arrow will fall to the point of impact. At large distances arrow will fall below the aiming point. The greater the shooting distance, the greater the correction must be taken in height.

3. When aiming must take into account wind direction and speed, and take correction to compensate for the offset of arrow.

4. After completing each distance are awarded prize credits. Their value is the average result of 10 shots multiplied by the distance. Credits needed to upgrade a crossbow.

Modernization crossbow:

1. You can install the enhanced arc, which will increase the speed of an arrow from 80 to 100 and 120 m / s. At a higher speed reduction and offset of the arrow by wind are reduced.

2. In addition, you can replace the diopter sight on the collimator or optical to facilitate aiming.

The reflex sight allows you to use three different sighting mark. Optical sight has a magnification 2X and allows you to change the illumination color of the grid.


The game has two ways to control, step by step and dynamic.

1. Step control:

By clicking the button at the right time 'STOP' and 'STOP AND SHOOT' stop the movement of crossbow. Next follow-up shots.

2 Dynamic Control:

Use the controls to move the sight to the desired point. Click 'SHOOT', followed by a shot.

When calculating the trajectory of arrow are used techniques applied in real ballistic calculators.

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